JD Technologies to Market ThermOmegaTech's Actuator

10 January 2022

JD Technologies Global, LLC, an effective field sales company and ThermOmegaTech, an established US manufacturer who designs and manufactures self-actuating temperature control valves and thermal actuation, announced the forming of a strategic relationship to grow their business and service offerings to aerospace and military & defense customers.

The relationship will allow ThermOmegaTech to do what they do very well, that is to develop and produce high quality control valves and actuators while JD Technologies Global, LLC can focus on selling in the field and building long term relationships with customers. The true beneficiary will be the original equipment manufacturers and end users that require effective and reliable temperature control. Most applications require products that can perform flawlessly in a harsh environment while achieving superior reliability and maintainability.

Courtesy of JD Technologies Global.
Image courtesy of ThermOmegaTech.