Emerson Delivers Fluid Control Solutions

11 October 2021

Emerson’s miniature valves solutions series are specially designed to minimize contamination, generate less heat, reduce internal volume, and provide precision control of diagnostics reagents.

The ASCO Series 038 miniature solenoid valves offer isolated fluid control and are designed for use with neutral or aggressive liquids in clinical diagnostic instruments. With a width of 5.7 mm, incredibly low internal volume, and low power consumption, the valves are perfectly suited for dispensing and precise flow control. The valves can handle aggressive reagents while reducing their consumption, which translate to critical cost savings for diagnostic laboratories. Latching coils are available for minimal heat transfer to thermally sensitive samples.

The ASCO Series 067 is a line of rocker solenoid fluid isolation valves for use with neutral or aggressive liquids and gasses in analytical and medical systems. The valves excellent self-draining capability and easy-to-flush, low-volume internal cavity make it ideal for applications where cross-contamination must be minimized.

The Direct acting solenoid valve for use with neutral or aggressive liquids in analytical instruments. Special media separating soft-seal PTFE diaphragm, prevents any potential leakage of critical reagents within the instruments compartment.

The ASCO Series 055 are PTFE fluid isolation valves designed for use with highly aggressive liquids. The PTFE body and diaphragm isolate the internal solenoid components from the media resulting in a virtually impervious valve.

Courtesy of Emerson.