Valvetec Services Partners with Total Lockout

14 September 2021

Valve maintenance and testing company Valvetec Services announced the company is expanding to now offer a range of MODEC portable valve actuators and drivers, and becoming partners with Total Lockout. 

“We are extremely excited to be working in partnership with Total Lockout and look forward to take our business to the next level with the addition of this range of portable valve actuators and drivers not only within the Oil/Gas sector but also other industries,” said Sharon Garrett, Valvetec Services Managing Director.  “There are a variety of valves used throughout industry which are not operated for long periods of time. Over time moving parts can deteriorate, lubrication dries up and corrosion may set in, making it can be extremely difficult to open valves. These portable valve actuators generally improve downtime and safety.”

The manual task of operating valves has always been tiresome and has the potential to result in strain injuries for workers. This is made worse when the environment is challenging, especially on offshore installations. Portable actuators can speed up the task of operating difficult valves, while minimising the risk of strain injury.

Image credit: Valvetec