MRC Global Releases First Quarter 2021 Results

04 May 2021

MRC Global Inc., the largest global distributor, based on sales, of pipe, valves and fittings and related infrastructure products and services to the energy industry, has announced their first quarter 2021 results. 

The company's sales were $609 million for the first quarter of 2021, which was 5% higher than the fourth quarter of 2020 and 23% lower than the first quarter of 2020. Sequentially, all sectors experienced an increase in sales, except for gas utilities, which was lower due to an unseasonably higher than average fourth quarter. As compared to the first quarter of 2020, the gas utility sector sales were higher due to market share gains, and all other sectors and segments declined as the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic reduced customer spending. 

Courtesy of MRC Global Inc.