Flomatic® Launches Constant Pressure Pump Control Valve

01 April 2021

Flomatic’s new Stainless Steel direct acting constant pressure pump control valve with tappings, Model Cycle Gard® IV CB152SST is a flow efficient globe style, all stainless steel body valve. It is equipped with a 1” NPT size female inlet threads and with a 1” NPT union end female outlet connection. The valve's standard pressure range is 15- 75 PSI with an optional 15-150 PSI range. The CYCLE GARD® IV CB152SST valve body maximum pressure rating is 400 PSI. All of the valves internal parts are corrosion resistant with a stainless steel spring and fasteners for long service life.

The CYCLE GARD® IV CB152SST’s unique constant pressure valve is equipped with additional NPT tapped bosses for pressure gage, water tank and or a pump pressure switch. It maintains a pre-set operating pressure and reduces rapid pump cycling and is proven protection for wells and booster pumps. Flomatic’s CYCLE GARD® IV valve regulate high upstream (inlet pressure) to a lower regulated downstream (outlet pressure) constant pressure within a range regardless of water flow. This is accomplished by an adjustable spring loaded balancing valve factory set to automatically regulate the downstream pressure to 50 PSI. The regulating pressure is field adjustable in a wide range. 

Image credit: Flomatic Valves