The SCV-95 Compact 2 Inch Control Valve

23 February 2021

The Badger Meter SCV-95 Sanitary Research Control® Valve is a compact 2 inch control valve that uses Tri-Clover® angle bodies and provides larger line sizes and larger flow coefficients than are available from the company’s other sanitary products. 

This valve is specifically designed to provide precise modulating control when compared to conventional sanitary control valves. Valves of the SCV-95 type are well suited to automated control systems found in biotechnology, pharmaceutical and food processes. The standard characteristic is an extended range linear that is optimized for blending systems. 

Other features include self-draining design, quick disassembly with clamps, designed for STEAM-IN-PLACE and CLEAN-IN-PLACE, and it is manufactured to 3A Symbol standards.

Image credit: Badger Meter