Rotolok’s Pneumatic Conveying Weigh Valves

23 February 2021

The Rotolok Weigh Valve is made up of a robust body manufactured in three sections split at flanges giving direct access to the internal sealing flap. The Weigh Valve is a natural development from the Rotolok series of Pneumatic Conveying Diverter Valves, and is primarily used in small bulk handling systems whereby a product is pneumatically conveyed to a hopper or bulk bin which is process weighed. 

By the special design cone transition, the sealing areas within the cones form a complete parabola and therefore an efficient internal seal can be maintained without resorting to ledges, increasing the conveying line pressure, the rubber wiper seals more effectively. Choice of materials can cater for the majority of applications and by plating the body and internal components, semi abrasive products can be handled. Further demands of industry have led to the manufacture of two types of connections: flanged and spigotted.

Image credit: Rotolok Valves, Inc.