Wika Launches New Check Valve

13 October 2020

The new model CV check valve from Wika features a sealing system with a self-centering piston, which prevents backflow of liquid and gaseous media. The check valves have been designed for the requirements of the process industry. The wetted parts are suited specifically for applications with natural gas and aggressive fluids, but also for water and hydraulic oil. 

The sealing element (piston) has a double sealing system from an elastic O-ring and a metal cone. With any back pressure, the soft O-ring and the sealing face of the metal cone prevent the reverse  flow of the medium. Double sealing reportedly ensures reliable leak tightness.

The simple design, with a safety factor of 4:1, enables model CV check valves for a wide spectrum of uses. The valve design and the high-quality sealing materials ensure high durability and tightness.

Image credit: Wika