Cowan Dynamics’ C-PAC Module & Online Store

12 October 2020

Cowan Dynamics has announced advancements to their “C-PAC Module” Pneumatic Manifold and the launch of the C-PAC store. The C-PAC (Cowan’s Pneumatic Actuator Control) is an out-of-the-box solution and can save up to 90% in assembly time and easily automate valve actuators without using cumbersome and costly piping to connect various automation components.  

The C-PAC Pneumatic Manifold has the following capabilities for linear & 1/4 actuators: 
 - speed control 
 - safety pressure relief 
 - fail-safe capabilities

Valve actuator technicians and Valve Automation Centers have commented on the reliability and performance of the C-PAC Pneumatic Manifold. Its preassembled manifold configuration eliminates potential leak points and time-consuming troubleshooting that normally would occur with conventional manual installations.

Read the full release here: 

Courtesy of Cowan Dynamics.