Parker’s Ventilator Technologies for Pandemic Relief

28 July 2020

The Parker Precision Fluidics Division is expanding production in response to the significantly increased demand for solenoid and proportional valves used in critical ventilation equipment needed to treat patients with COVID-19. 

Parker's miniature solenoid valves are known for high-speed operation and extremely low leak rates for use in medical devices, while their proportional valve technology meets the most demanding precision flow applications in the industry. Several valves from Precision Fluidics are utilized in ventilator systems including the VSO Max HP, VSO, VSO Low Pro, x-Valve, and S-11 valves. 

Existing relationships with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers who serve the global ventilator market have led to a rapid and successful expansion of the company’s operations to meet increasingly demanding production requests. 

One leading global OEM in ventilator instruments stated the following: "We're very moved by Parker Hannifin employees' strong support on the prevention of the coronavirus, which is worthy of our admiration and praise. Our company relies on socially responsible suppliers like Parker Hannifin, and we expect your company to continue to support us on production and jointly contribute to the coronavirus prevention.” 

The division's New Hampshire based team members are all stepping up by adopting rotating schedules, moving to alternate shifts, helping to onboard new hires and, in some cases, moving from the office to manufacturing cells to deliver the increased production output. 

Courtesy of Parker.