REMBE & LESER Bursting Discs Combine with Safety Valves

27 July 2020

To ensure that a safety valve also performs at its certified capacity with a bursting disc installed in front of it, Rembe and LESER have jointly conducted combination tests. These tests have enabled REMBE Safety + Control and LESER to offer proofed high-performance solutions. 

Safety valves and bursting discs are used equally for pressure relief. In most cases they are used as alternative solutions and are also marketed in this way by the manufacturers. But it is precisely this combination that offers many benefits. The bursting disc is characterized by high tightness without leakage up to bursting and relatively low investment costs. However, the bursting principle ensures that the pressure in the system is completely relieved so that the loss of media is high. 

The combination of safety valves and bursting discs ensures that the loss of medium through the safety valve is limited and that the system can continue to operate in the event of relief. The bursting disc ensures a high degree of tightness and can shield the inlet of the safety valve against corrosive media during normal operation. 

Image credit: Rembe Safety + Control and LESER