Assured Automation Offers New Actuated Valve Training

30 June 2020

A big part of "Making Valve Automation Easy" is providing customers with easy to understand training materials. The Assured Automation Actuated Valve Training Center is intended to do just that. Customers will find complete training courses that cover many diverse topics included in valve automation. 

The courses are broken into easily digestible "lessons" starting with basic overviews and moving to more detailed lessons on each topic. Quizzes are available at the end of the lessons as well as downloadable lesson material. 

Lesson topics include:  

Lesson 1: Types of Valves-A brief overview of the most common types of valves. Learn the basic construction and operating principles of ball, butterfly, plug, globe, needle, gate, and fast acting valve types. This lesson also includes some general information on the various types of actuation. 

Lesson 2: Types of Valve Actuators-A brief overview of the most common types of valve actuators including, electric, pneumatic (air-driven), and manual. 

Lesson 3: of Valve End Connections-Detailed descriptions, illustrations, and animations of the many types of valve connection types. 

Lesson 4: Valve Body & Seat/Seal Materials-Learn which materials to choose when specifying a valve for an application. See how the process media, pressure, and temperature all affect the choice of body and seal materials. 

Lesson 5: Valve & Automation Concepts & Terminology-A description of concepts and terminology that are used in the industry. Get familiar with these before proceeding to the following lessons that make use of them. 

Courtesy of Assured Automation.