Low-Power Solenoid Valves by ODE

29 June 2020

The latest members of the ODE Valve Canada family have arrived with the 21W series of low-power solenoid valves: 2/2-way normally closed devices with pilot control. 

These valves can be used in many industries, including municipal water and wastewater, petrochemicals, oil and gas, food processing, chemicals, mining, pulp and paper, aquaculture, and other automation and commercial markets. 

These brass, low-power solenoid valves come in sizes from 3/8 to 1 inch, and they have multiple seals made from nitrile rubber (NBR), fluoroelastomer (FKM), and ethylene-propylene (EPDM) for various media up to 232 pounds per square inch, at operating pressure differentials with five-watt, 24-VDC, 48-VDC, 24-VAC, 120-VAC, and 230-VAC coil voltages. The 21W series complies with all worldwide quality and safety certifications, including those by CSA Group, UL, CRN, VDE, ATEX, PED, and ISO. 

The 21W3RB190 and 21W4RB250 models offer pilot control for interception of liquids compatible with the construction materials. These low-power solenoid valves require a minimum operational pressure of 0.2 bar, while a maximum allowable pressure of 25 bar is recommended, and the ODE team uses materials and carries out tests to ensure maximum reliability and duration. These models are recommended for automation and heating applications. The coil housing and coil former material are made with 100% virgin materials. 

The NBR seals on these valve types work well with air, inert gas, and water ranging in temperature from -10°C to 90°C, while the EPDM ones suit water and low-pressure steam, and the FKM ones suit mineral oil, gasoline, and gas oil. The latter two can handle temperatures as high as 140°C. 

Image credit: ODE Valve Canada