Rotolok’s Weigh Valves

19 May 2020

The Rotolok Weigh Valve is a natural development from the company’s series of pneumatic Conveying Diverter Valves. The valves are primarily used in small bulk handling systems where a product is pneumatically conveyed to a hopper or bulk bin which is process weighed. 

The product is discharged into a bin whilst the air is exhausted. After the correct weight has been achieved, the valve changes position by means of the single cylinder. 

Other Diverter Valves include: conveying diverters, which are directional branch valves for conveying lines; plug diverters, which are for pneumatic applications where high pressure or abrasive products are a consideration; and gravity diverters, which are diverters for chute applications routing solids in free fall. 

Image credit: Rotolok Valves, Inc.