Benefits of Using Automated Valves

19 May 2020

Automation helps with activities and processes without the need for personnel to physically engage in carrying them out. Automating valves is valuable for controlling flow in piping systems requiring precision control or fail-safe emergency shutoff. 

Improved output control using automated valves helps to cut costs related to product waste. Automated valves do not depend on an operator, which allows them to continue to monitor and adjust flow through a system without interruption. 

Paired with battery backup systems providing an emergency power supply, automated valves can continue to produce even during power outage events or at least safely end the current process until utility power is restored. Valve automation allows operators to set optimal operating positions, allowing for flow adjustments and monitoring with limited operator involvement. Automated valves also help maintain the safest possible operating levels when dealing with potentially dangerous materials and environmental factors. 

Image credit: Indelac Controls, Inc.