Warren Controls Launches New Control Valves

19 May 2020

Warren Controls has introduced its two and three-way electrically actuated HVAC/BAC control valves. The valves are designed to assist in the transport of low-pressure steam or hot or cold water within a building for temperature regulation and for domestic use. 

The two-way valves are available in three types: single seated unbalanced, single seated cylinder balanced and double seated semi-balanced, with the same body and trim options as the three-way valves. The three-way valves are available in both mixing and diverting, with bronze or cast-iron bodies, and bronze or stainless-steel trim. 

This valve series has an industrial grade construction and overall reliability with oversized stems and actuators. Warren Controls’ two and three-way HVAC valves offer flowing differential pressure limits up to 100 pounds. The series includes five different electric actuators for size, force and failure mode. Pressure ratings are either ANSI 125 or 250 and sizes range from a ½ inch to 10 inches. The valves accept either 2 – 10 Vdc or 4-20 mAdc as modulating input signals with a 2-10 Vdc feedback signal, for use with a 24 Vac/24 Vdc power source. 

Image credit: Warren Controls