Beswick Engineering’s Slide Sleeve Valve

19 March 2020

Beswick Engineering Co., Inc.’s miniature MSV slide sleeve valve provides customers an efficient in-line three-way valve. When the sleeve is moved to the “ON” position, fluid passes through the valve; when the sleeve is in the “OFF” position, the outlet is exhausted to the atmosphere and fluid is prevented from exiting the inlet port. 

The valve does not require mounting and can be attached directly on a device to be isolated. The valve is available with either 10-32 threads or with a barbed inlet port. The maximum pressure rating of the valve is 200 psig and the flow restriction through the valve is equivalent to a 0.039” – 0.042” (1.0 mm to 1.1 mm) orifice. 

Image credit: Beswick Engineering Co., Inc.