Inserta Introduces Ic Optimizer In-line Control Valves

13 January 2020

Inserta® Products recently released the ic OptimizerTM in-line control module. This is a new and innovative self-contained flange mounted hydraulic control module. The main valve element has large flow areas with favorable performance characteristics. Reverse free flow is standard.

Valve functions offered include pilot operated, vented, and electro-proportional relief, in an SAE J518-1 size 12 pattern that has a nominal capacity of 40 gpm, at a maximum working pressure of 5000 psi.  Other pilot sections for additional flow, direction, and pressure control functions will be released on an ongoing basis. Main stages for larger flange patterns, in flow capacities exceeding 200 gpm, are also planned for future release.

The valves are self-contained and ship complete, with no cavities to machine, or additional valve bodies to purchase. They may be used with SAE J518 flanged components.

Image credit: Inserta® Products