Wika Releases Compact Valve: Monoblock with Ball Valves

13 December 2019

Wika has released a new IBF monoblock with flange that enables the safe connection of pressure measuring instruments to critical processes such as natural gas or aggressive, highly viscous and crystalline media. This new model is available with ball valves and needle valves in double block & bleed or block & bleed configurations.

The compact design of the new instrumentation valve reduces the dimensions, vibration sensitivity and leakage potential of the complete measuring assembly. The 10 mm bore of the ball valves ensures a smooth medium flow. A combination of plastic and metal sealing assist in safe operation. The leak tightness of the redundant system has been tested in accordance with BS6755/ISO 5208 leakage rate A. The manufactured quality of the valve ensures smooth handling with low torque, even at high process pressures.

Image credit: Wika