Emerson Launches Pilotless Back Pressure Valve

03 December 2019

Emerson has recently launched the Daniel V707 back pressure control valve. This new valve features an adjustable spring that does not require diaphragms or pilots, which makes it ideal for the crude oil industry.
Back pressure valves currently available use rubber diaphragms that are prone to wear, leakage, and have pressure limits to operation. Operators are required to integrate a second valve on the LACT skid as a check point. The new Emerson valve includes an integrated check valve for 2-in-1 functionality.
The V707 is based on the trusted Daniel 700 Series valve design which includes a metal to metal seat and protected O-rings to handle harsh crude oil conditions. The V707 ensures minimum maintenance. The cost of ownership of the new Daniel back pressure valve will be half of an equivalent diaphragm valve for the first three years, given the reduction in service hours and maintenance.

Image credit: Emerson