Tech Talk: EN 10204 and the Quest for Traceability

28 November 2019

A mill test certificate (MTC) or material test report (MTR) is an important quality assurance component in the transaction between the manufacturer and buyer of products in the metals industry. The MTC will include all specifications of the material’s chemical composition, physical properties, mechanical strength, heat treatment status, test results, traceability, production process and so on. The MTC certifies that a product made of metal, such as a valve, is in compliance with specific standards laid out by an international standards organization. Documents such as the MTC are necessary in order to fulfill traceability requirements, and the EN 10204 is often referenced as guidance for such requirements.

The EN 10204 is the standard for the inspection documents of steel products, including steel line pipes, fittings, steel plates, valves, and sucker rods. This article will focus on the EN 10204 standard and explore its importance for steel products.

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