Eaton Increases Efficiency with AxisPro Range

05 November 2019

Eaton’s AxisPro proportional valve range is a segment of their Pro-FX Ready products. The valves are designed to facilitate set-up, commissioning and troubleshooting. These valves can also be re-configured in real-time and are flexible enough to address some of the most demanding applications.

The new AxisPro valves feature advanced electronics for enhanced programmability, scalability and reduced latency. They also support predictive diagnostics, prognostics and other custom applications.

The proportional valves are available with three levels of controls including onboard motion controls that help improve dynamic performance and additional built-in pressure and temperature functionality to expedite set-up and commissioning.

The proportional valves feature a temperature rating of 85°C, have a maximum pressure rating of 350 bar, and support a maximum flow rate of up to 375 liters per minute. These valves also suit a variety of applications including die casting and foundry, marine and offshore, machine tooling, presses, plastics, primary metals, test equipment, pulp and paper, turbine control and wood processing.

Image credit: Eaton