Tolomatic’s New Modular, CIP Electric Actuators

04 November 2019

Tolomatic has released their IMA-S integrated electric servo actuators. These actuators are designed to hygienic standards for eliminating harborage points and preventing bacterial growth. The 316 stainless steel construction provides corrosion resistance and withstands high temperature, high pressure and caustic wash-down.

With its IP69k ingress protection rating, the IMA-S meets clean-in-place (CIP) requirements, which allows machine designers to achieve open machine designs and eliminate shrouding required to house standard actuators. 

The IMA-S series offers forces up to 11.1 kN, stroke lengths up to 450 mm and options for planetary roller screws or ball screws. A proprietary lubrication feature helps extend service life.

The hollow rotor servo motor is integrated into the actuator housing. This creates a compact, hygienic motion module that facilitates conversion of pneumatic and hydraulic cylinder systems by increasing efficiency, motion control and eliminating product contamination risks.

Image credit: Tolomatic