NIBCO Will Acquire Milwaukee Valve

08 October 2019

NIBCO will be acquiring Milwaukee Valve Co and expects the transaction to close within the fourth quarter of 2019, pending approvals. NIBCO has agreed to buy the entirety of Milwaukee Valve, including all its products, facilities, human resources and other assets. Milwaukee Valve will become a wholly owned subsidiary of NIBCO and continue to operate independently.

NIBCO intends to build on Milwaukee Valve’s business, and its fit with NIBCO’s company’s culture and standards will provide for a smooth transition to new ownership. For the foreseeable future, Milwaukee Valve’s existing sales relationships, distribution network and sales staff should not change. Milwaukee Valve’s sales network and staff will continue to sell Milwaukee Valve products.

A critical strategic goal for NIBCO in this acquisition is to seamlessly integrate Milwaukee Valve’s business and its products, and to build on the goodwill Milwaukee Valve has earned over many years.

Image credit: NIBCO