Zero Leak Solenoid Valve from The Lee Co.

12 August 2019

The Lee Company has extended the sealing performance of their field-proven piloting solenoid valves with the introduction of the new Zero Leak Solenoid Valve. The valve incorporates a polymer seal to achieve zero leakage, making this new valve ideal for hydraulic and pneumatic applications where low or zero leakage is required.

Lee’s unique MultiSeal™ technology offers significant space savings, reduced machining costs and higher reliability than traditional sealing methods.

The Zero Leak Solenoid Valve weighs only 0.25 pounds and is a single coil design that is offered in both normally closed and normally open configurations, and with lead wires exiting either end of the valve. The solenoid coil has been optimized to ensure positive pull-in while consuming just 7.8 Watts at 28 Vdc.

Image credit: The Lee Company