BHGE Expands ASME Section I Portfolio

05 July 2019

BHGE announces the expansion of the Consolidated ASME Section I portfolio, to now include 1900 LA1 spring-loaded and 2900 LA1 pilot-operated B&PV code approved liquid safety relief valves as solutions for liquid over-pressure protection for Economizers and thermal fluid heaters.

As combined cycle power plants come online, feedwater is processed through a system called the Economizer. This system adds efficiency to the power plant by incorporating a heat exchanger design using high-temperature gas turbine exhaust as a source to pre-heat the feedwater prior to feeding the fluid to the HRSG where it is fully transformed into superheated steam. Similarly, thermal fluid heaters also use a liquid phase heat transfer medium to put heat energy into various processes. Consolidated announces the Section 1 portfolio expansion to now include code approved liquid trim solutions that optimize the ability to relieve in these applications operating under high-temperature liquid phase fluids.

The full Consolidated portfolio of ASME Section I valves now includes liquid trim options for both spring-loaded designs, Consolidated 1900 LA1 series, and modular pilot-operated designs, Consolidated 2900 LA1 series, to provide both technologies to best fit any type of application condition and continuing to prove the Consolidated reputation as “BEST UNDER PRESSURE”.