High Pressure Valves Designed to Perform with Precision

10 March 2019

Premier Valves, a member of the AVK Group, offers high pressure valves in various body designs to satisfy the needs of our customers for water and waste water applications. The Metal Seated Wedge Gate valve, available in PN16, PN25, PN40 and PN63, ranges in size from DN100 to DN1800. The image features a DN1800, PN40, manufactured for a pipeline project in 2018 alongside our head designer, Aylwyn Stanley-Best.

Metal seated wedge gate valves are well suited for pipeline projects as they withstand high pipeline velocities and the seats can be welded, not to mention the unrestricted full bore with low head-loss characteristics. This exceptional valve with long-life expectancy has also been locally supplied to water authorities, water boards and municipalities.

Premier Valves has serviced the waterworks industry for more than 50 years. Their very first wedge gate order dates to the 1950’s and included six DN1500, PN40 valves for the Hong Kong export market. The wedge gate is renowned for its welded body and wedge seats in bronze and stainless steel which prevents dislodge under flow conditions. The jacking bolts on the body ensure precision positioning of the wedge as well as perfect seat alignment.