About the journal

Valve World Americas Journal, as the name already suggests, focuses on the large and important valve markets in North, Central and South America.
The newspaper functions as an addition to the Valve World magazine and will be published 10 times from 2013 (February, March, April, May, June, August, September, October, November, December) per year.
The purpose of the newspaper is to guide you quickly and easily through the latest trends, projects, developments, and news from within the flow control industries with a special focus on the Americas.
As a leading magazine on valves, control valves, actuators and associated products with distribution in the Americas, the editorial content strongly focuses on end-user experiences and practical applications.
Apart from technical articles on valve design, fluid control, sealing technology, actuation, etc., topical issues such as maintenance & repair, high temperature/high pressure applications, abrasive service and standardization are covered as well.
Throughout the year the editorial programme has special issues focusing on topics such as power generation, oil&gas, refining, chemical process industry, emission control, actuation, control valves, etc.

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