Hanbay’s New 110VAC Actuators Precision Control

15 March 2019

Hanbay Inc. has expanded its product line by introducing new 110VAC powered electric valve actuators. These versatile control valves can be used in virtually any application where fine control of fluid is required. Equipped with a customizable mounting kit, Hanbay’s precise valve actuators can attach to any instrumentation valve, ball valve, multi-port valve or pressure regulator available on the market. In addition to automating an unlimited variety of valve types; users can also retrofit Hanbay’s 110VAC precise controller on existing installations. These compact valve actuators are the perfect tool for handling high pressure, high purity, corrosive, high viscosity, slurries and any other liquid or gas with exact measurement. For hazardous locations, the 110VAC model is available with a robust explosion-proof enclosure (R-Series). This version offers the same precision control but with more torque for bigger, severe service and heavy-duty valves.

The development of this high-powered and compact solution was inspired by OEMs looking to seamlessly integrate precision fluid control into their processing systems, equipment and/or skids. The 110VAC actuator adheres to the power requirements specified for facilities, assembly lines, and remote locations where 12-24VDC power supply isn’t readily available. 

Hanbay’s 110VAC valve actuators are available in either proportional control or discrete ¼ turn or ½ turn configurations. Operators can also choose from several control and feedback signals, enclosures, fail-safe and other custom options. This allows users to build the actuator to their exact specifications.  Furthermore, the actuator’s dip switch enables the user to fine tune the actuator by adjusting automation speed and torque for optimal performance. Hanbay actuators are customizable so users and integrators can modify the actuator instead of modifying their process system.