Zahroof Valves, Inc. Announces Expansion of Headquarter

02 February 2019

Zahroof Valves, Inc. (ZVI) announced the relocation and expansion of its reciprocating compressor valve operations. The company’s new headquarters and larger facilities positions the company for continued growth and superior service.

The new facility in Houston, Texas consists of more than three times the space for office and production and incorporates a more efficient cell system to produce their patented modules and the assembly of their award-winning valves. ZVI’s new facility integrates their warehouse and manufacturing into the same building and provides climate-controlled space for all activities, improving productivity. Increased and upgraded office space for employees includes nice touches such as a larger canteen and a separate break room to relax and recharge.

Founded in 2010, Zahroof Valves Inc. (ZVI) develops and markets a unique and groundbreaking reciprocating compressor valve based on the Modular Reed Valve technology invented by its President and Founder, Zahroof Mohamed. The StraightFloTM Valve (SFV) is a drop-in replacement compressor valve that is unique in that the valve assembly is made up of replaceable reed valve modules that are designed so that the gas flows essentially in a straight line through the valve, with very little deviation resulting in very low losses in the valve. Since the release of its modular reed valve technology encapsulated in their StraightFlo™ Valve, thirty-two related patents have been granted around the world in countries as diverse as Australia, Great Britain, China, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, and Turkey, besides the US. The company has 43 valve and reciprocating compressor related patents with a further 18 patents pending.

“This new move represents an exciting development for ZVI,” said Tony Gioffredi, Chief Executive Officer of ZVI. “It provides us with the capacity to fulfill future aggressive growth and expansion plans as the industry continues to notice the benefits of our StraightFlo Valves for their operations.”