DFT Installs Solar Panels at Facility

30 November 2018

Most manufacturing operations take a substantial amount of power to operate, often making it difficult for industry stakeholders to effectively reduce their carbon footprint. However, with improvements in solar panel technology and power storage, it is now possible for industrial facilities to significantly reduce their impact on the environment. Solar also makes more financial sense for industrial applications, as most factories, warehouses, and other facilities have large, flat roofs that are ideal for these panels.

Solar power is considered one of the greenest renewable energy sources, surpassing other options like natural gas, because its energy produces zero emissions at every stage. It has also surpassed wind to become one of the most affordable end-to-end sources of renewable energy.

DFT has completed the installation of roof panels on their facility that generate approximately 63% of their annual electricity requirements, or 304 kilowatts per minute while the sun is shining.

Since most of their electricity consumption occurs during the day while in full production, the company can largely offset the power requirements of the production processes. At night, when power requirements are minimal, DFT can still use power from the local grid.

The company is also able to sell power back to PECO seven days a week, which provides significant savings that will help the company break even on the project in the next few years. In addition, about 33% of the cost was covered through a grant from the state of Pennsylvania, and the company expects to receive additional state and federal tax incentives as well. This means DFT won’t have to pass on any related upfront or ongoing costs to customers. The company will also contribute to sustainable energy use in the community by assisting PECO in providing power to more than 100 homes in the surrounding area.