Delta Manufacturing Integrated into St. Louis Facility

04 November 2018

Weir recently announced that the integration of Delta Industrial™ valves manufacturing operations to their state-of-the-art facility in St. Louis is now complete. The integration should deliver significant benefits to mining operators across the globe purchasing Delta™ Industrial valves. Before the integration, the St. Louis facility solely manufactured Lewis® pumps and valves, an industry leader in sulphuric acid industries, for more than 126 years.

The strategic decision was made to relocate the manufacturing of Delta Industrial™ valves to help
accelerate the growth of both brands, increase production and streamline processes to ensure all valves are manufactured to the highest of standards.

The company optimized the supply chain by increasing shifts to three per day and hiring more staff to ensure they can create their products in a timely manner. In addition, they addressed supplier constraints, expanded the manufacturing space by 5,000 square feet, and increased warehouse space by 15,000 square feet.