Crane®FKX 9000 Triple Offset Valve

03 November 2018

The unique features of the Crane®FKX 9000 offer an unparalleled fugitive emissions package.
The thick metal-to-metal sealing provides a robust, long lasting seal. The innovative wide seat
angle design, relying on a “self-releasing taper” principle, minimizes binding or galling of the

The super fine surface finish, together with the “right-angle conical” design, facilitates
an almost friction-less sealing. Combined, these features allow for a bi-directional, zero-leakage
closure performance at unmatched cycle times, and work together to reduce potential downtime
and the total cost of ownership, all while maximizing the safety of the valve operator.

Originally designed according to ANSI standards and in sizes ranging from 3” to 24”, this revolutionary product will now also be available according to DIN and ASTM standards in sizes ranging up to 48” in a single piece cast body.