GEMÜ Starts Inevvo Solutions

05 October 2018

As the proven CONEXO software system promises to also show potential outside the valve market, GEMÜ has decided to coordinate activities for other target markets by setting up an independent spin-off.

The CONEXO system, which was developed by GEMÜ, has been successfully used on the valve market for some time now. Components equipped with RFID chips provide electronic support to users during a wide variety of maintenance and service tasks. Using an RFID reader, the CONEXO pen, any and all essential data can be read and directly called up in the system. In this way, the entire maintenance process becomes more transparent and easier to document.

Combining RFID chips with a digital maintenance infrastructure is highly effective, wherever, strict requirements are placed on documentation – not just within the valve sector.

The inevvo solutions specialise in complete RFID system solutions in industrial environments and will market the CONEXO system in future. As a newly founded company, inevvo solutions will enjoy the necessary organisational independence, while still being able to benefit from the GEMÜ Group's expertise in development, application and manufacturing.