Union Tech & Pioneer Industrial Valve Distribution Deal

07 October 2018

Union Tech (www.uniontechmfg.com) and Pioneer Industrial (www.pioneerindustrial.com) have formed an agreement for the distribution of Union Tech’s severe-service metal-seated ball valves (MSBV) and rising-stem ball valves (RSBV) throughout the Midwestern US.
The MSBV products include:
Z1 Unibody Power Valve – One-piece metal-seated ball valve engineered for clean steam severe-service (high-pressure, high-temperature) environments, including power generation and critical on/off applications
Z2 Two-Piece Isolation Valve – Two-piece metal-seated ball valve engineered for severe-service environments for use in customized and critical applications, including chemical/petro-chemical, refining, power, and mining processes
Z3 Power Valve System – Consists of a modified Z1 valve and a pair of end connections and enables inline replaceability, which eliminates the need to cut-out existing and weld-in replacement valves, while retaining all features of the Z1 Unibody Power Valve
The RSBV products include:
Z4 Rising Stem Ball Valve – Employs a “tilt-and-turn” design enabling frequent cycling, zero leakage, and low torque operation. The valve is engineered for 
high performance applications requiring frequent cycling with positive shutoff, such as molecular sieve systems for switching service, and gas transmission
Pioneer is the Midwest’s premier industrial sales and service organization for valves, pumps, and fluid sealing products since 1988; Pioneer’s operations span over eight states across the Midwest empowered by over one-hundred professionals.  In addition to Union Tech’s Z-Series Valves, Pioneer’s product portfolio includes other brands such as GE Consolidated, BHGE Masoneilan, Chesterton, Lamons, etc.