Emerson’s New Pressure Relief Valves

09 October 2018

Emerson is helping LNG marine transportation customers to reduce their initial pressure relief valve investment at the shipyard by up to 25%, and total cost of ownership with its new Anderson Greenwood™ 9300H low-pressure pilot operated pressure relief valves (POPRVs). The Anderson Greenwood 9300H patented design provides leak-free operation up to set pressure with an additional 10.5% flow capacity over valves currently available on the market. The additional capacity reduces the required size of the valve providing initial purchase savings, with additional savings on the associated piping, fittings and expansion elbows.

Designed specifically for marine LNG tanks on ships, floating production or storage units, the valve allows ship owners and operators to efficiently fulfill their critical overpressure protection requirements with smaller-sized valves and associated piping. The 9300H provides the superior performance and seat tightness of Anderson Greenwood POPRVs and utilizes the 52-year, field-proven Anderson Greenwood 93 Series pilot mounted flush to the valve providing a rugged, low profile ideal for rough seas. The valve is field-adjustable for either modulating action to reduce product loss during a relief event or snap action to open completely at the set pressure. The 9300H valves can easily be equipped with valve monitoring technology and are certified for liquefied gas carrier applications by all major classification societies.