Diakont Explosion-proof Electric Servo Actuator

08 September 2018

Demanding applications such as gas turbine control require reliable operation in hazardous environments. Diakont’s industry-leading line of explosion-proof electric servo actuators are used to increase efficiency, safety, and reliability in the gas turbine industry for applications such as:
Inlet guide vane (IGV) control
Nozzle guide vane (NGV) control
Fuel valve control
Diakont explosion-proof actuators and control units deliver exceptional reliability for over 20 years of fail-free operation. Diakont actuators incorporate progressive technology, including precisely machined roller screws and high-force permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM). These components are integrated into a single unit, thus providing exceptional performance in a compact footprint. Hydraulic systems have historically been used in the turbine control industry. However, hydraulic systems present issues of complexity, maintenance costs, and space challenges due to the need for auxiliary hydraulic components. Diakont’s electric servo actuators deliver a direct replacement for hydraulic systems and provide a more compact, more cost-effective, and safer solution.