Val-Matic announces its new Engineering Project Manager

10 July 2018

Val-Matic is pleased to announce Tim O’Shea as its new Engineering Project Manager. Tim is well-respected in the valve industry with over 18 years’ experience and seven valve-related U.S. Patents attached to his name. 

In addition to his extensive valve design and application experience, Tim participates in American Water Works Association (AWWA) committees covering air, ball, butterfly, check, cone, plug valves as well as those for valve actuators, waterworks gaskets and elastomers, and grooved end connections. He is the chair of the AWWA subcommittee on hydraulic and pneumatic actuators. 
Tim is also active in many Manufacturer’s Standardization Society (MSS) committees and is the chair of the MSS Cast Iron Valve Committee and the MSS Coordinating Committee. 

Pictured: Mr. Tim O’Shea, Val-Matic’s new Engineering Project Manager

Image courtesy of Val-Matic