Rexroth offers 4/3 way directional control valves

13 April 2018

These new valves are able to master the most demanding tasks with ease. With a high flow of up to 4,700 L/min and a maximum pressure of 350 bar, they guarantee fewer pressure drops, faster motion sequences, greater power density, and greater stability and control quality. You get increased energy efficiency, more productivity and use less space. All with maximum control.

Users of the new Rexroth valves will benefit these features:

a proven a robust design for reliability;
a main valve control spool spring-centered in neutral or offset position for security;
a servo quality pilot control valve control spool for high quality; and suitability for the position, speed, pressure and force control for versatility;
precision high response sensitivity and low hysteresis;
shorter cycle times for greater productivity; and
GoTo coverage for immediate delivery of preferred types.

Caption: Rexroth directional control values meet 4EE energy efficiency standards.

Image courtesy of Rexroth