AUMA product finder simplifies actuator choice

10 April 2018

A new product finder service on the website of electric actuator manufacturer AUMA makes it easy for customers to find the actuators that meet their specific application requirements.

Modern actuators are used for many very different applications and in very different environments, so AUMA offers a huge variety of options to match different valve types including multi-turn, part-turn, linear and lever actuators; different sizes for different torque requirements; and a range of duty classifications, communications interfaces and environmental conditions.

The product finder allows users to quickly find the actuators best matching the application. Icons at the top of the product finder page represent the various options that AUMA’s wide product portfolio offers. Clicking on one or more of these icons quickly narrows down the choice of matching actuators displayed at the bottom.

Users can then click on an individual product type to quickly show a wealth of information including brochures, datasheets, spares lists and operating instructions.

The product finder also provides a direct link to request more details or a quotation from an AUMA expert.

Image courtesy of AUMA