Doering’s redesigned manual cartridge valve

11 March 2018

Doering Company has redesigned its manual cartridge valve to include extremely low- and zero-leak options. The company's zero-leak technology is integrated in the Doering valve used for manual fire suppression in the International Space Station and was specifically engineered to hold pressure for 15 years.

The demand for Doering's redesigned manual cartridge valves has grown rapidly for a wide range of applications. They are ideal for use in equipment, such as an emergency stop valve on hydraulic systems for oilfield iron roughnecks and industrial instrumentation systems that test product to one-eighth of a drop of water. Doering valves are also used in food industry test systems that measure carbon dioxide and nitrogen in the parts per billion.

To provide performance in these and other systems, Doering's manual cartridge valves are equipped with a latching feature that holds the valve in its activated position. All Doering valves can be manufactured from corrosion-resistant 316-stainless steel. The manual cartridge valves are available in poppet or spool models. An array of seals is offered for different fluids or gases. Choose from several knob configurations, including a red emergency stop knob.

Image courtesy of Doering Company